Transforming Worn Wood Furniture to New for a Fraction of Replacement Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

And Some Answers For You

1. How much will all this “like new” refurbishing cost?

Refurbishing hotel room furniture typically runs between $35 and $95 per room depending on wear. Severely damaged pieces may receive separate pricing.


2. Why is your service better than what our engineering guys can do?

• Our time-proven system gives your furniture the correct color and sheen and a durability surpassing the original finish.

• We develop a custom color match for every job, because no two hotels or restaurants are exactly alike, ever.

• Our extensive preparation ensures optimal adhesion of colorants and top coats, guaranteeing superior results.

• We don’t rely on color markers and one-step poly.


3. What is the down time for a room?

Typically, from the time we finish a room it can be back in circulation in 1 to 2 hours.


4. How many rooms per day can you finish?

Our team can complete as many as 40 rooms per day. We work with your staff to get as many done as possible while still not interrupting your business needs.


5. Do you do custom cabinet work as well?

No. Our core business is refurbishing your wooden room and public space furniture. This is what we do better than anyone in the industry.


6. Will the smell of harsh or toxic chemicals remain in our rooms?

No. Christopher’s Woodworks is environmentally friendly. Our coloring coats and clear top coats we put on furniture are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality. There will be no lingering chemical smell in the room when we release it for use.